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Our Story

Alchemy Arts is the most comprehensive Occult and Metaphysical Book and Supply Store … in the known universe. We have been around since 1989, honing our craft, ever improving and expanding. Alchemy Arts has seen four locations, though we have occupied the current location for over seventeen years.   (You can tell by the carpet.) Though we focus on the Western Mysteries, we cater to all faiths. We carry tomes of secret wisdom; icons of arcane worship; instruments of healing and meditation; talismans of ancient power; tools of divination; and the waters, candles, oils, herbs, and stones of the Craft. The authors of the books we sell shop here. People who work for other metaphysical stores shop here. We have seen our statues transform into objects of worship. We have seen tables and cases turn into altars, and our storefront transform into a sacred space. We have watched our customer’s children grow up. We have shared the joy of our customer’s victories, and provided solace and solutions in their times of strife. We are a candle in the darkness, and ever brighter we burn.

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Our Philosophy

Ours is a place of learning, and of practice. At Alchemy Arts, we are purveyors of knowledge: by way of the lettered page, or words of wisdom. We cater to those who practice Magicks, Study the Mysteries, and those who wish to learn how. Alchemy Arts is both a store and meeting place; our goal is to illuminate the mysteries for any and all who wish to learn. What makes us truly different from other Metaphysical stores is that we do not sell spells, healings, or workings, and we do not employ readers. We never have, and never will. We are not here to do the work for you, we are here to help you learn to do the work for yourself. We painstakingly craft our blended oils, incense blends, waters and inks by hand, in the store – from the correct magickal ingredients. We do this for ethical reasons, religious reasons, and because we use our products ourselves – and will settle for nothing less than the best.

tBoBM (the Bastard on Bryn Mawr)

Aka: Papa Ken, Trent, Tom, Overlord, The Big Man, Hot Dog Toaster, Cab Rider, Bat Wielder

Many and many a year ago, The Infamous tBoBM was raised from R’Lyeh to a seaside town.  After having been torn, screeching and gurgling from the depths, naturally, he pursued a career in customer service.  Grudgingly, he mixes oils and raw incense at the shop … though we suspect he would rather keep the product himself than sell it to the unwashed masses.  Though his usual diet consists of caffeine, nicotine, and hot ramen, he will nonetheless accept human sacrifices.  (No ketchup.)  His interests include wrestling, kitties, and genocide.

Amara Dulcis

Aka: Security, Storm, Angela, Samantha, Good Looking, Not the High Priestess, Your Majesty, The Cleaner, The Scribe, Vampire Queen, Hey You!  Herb Lady!

Amara has been working at the store since the Tunguska Blast of 1908, or, rather, longer than she would care to admit.   She holds bachelor’s degrees in Homeopathy, Vivisection, Life Painting, Cussing, and Augury from institutions with no accreditations whatsoever.  She is an active member of the Stephen’s Ward Tea League and Society of Resurrectionists.  Amara crafts the raw incenses, powders, bath teas, and oils in the shop with tender care.  She is valued for her patience, empathy, and wisdom; she is feared for her honesty.

Aspidystra Fennland

Aka: Mistress of Propaganda, Minion, The Big Boss, She’s Not Here, Breakfast Fairy, Manager of Random Errands

Aspidystra Fennland came to Alchemy Arts shortly after the investigation into and destruction of Innsmouth, Massachusetts … for which she was not responsible. If asked about Elder Gods or other alleged former residents of that unfortunate town, her response will be a cross expression and a rude gesture. She currently functions as Social Media Creature, Compiler of Rituals, and Agent of Chaos. If you know her well enough to be granted the privilege – which she doubts – you may call her Asp. Offerings of chocolate and shiny trinkets are accepted, but will not necessarily result in a positive outcome. Her interests include explosives and exotic marine life.

Lucy, Daughter of the Devil

Aka: Lucy, Ow! LUCY, NO! LUCYGETOUTOFTHEJEWELRYCASE!, Shoulder-Rider, Parrot, Sweetest Beautiful Darling, Lucifer, Magnificent Whiskers, Window-Wrecker, The Real Boss

Lucy came to the shop on Devil’s Night, 2014, establishing full dominion over all she surveyed.  She appreciates the daily tributes and adorations of customers and store staff, though is always eager for more.  She will happily make a home on your shoulder, on your head, or in your bag.  She does not care for being picked up; she prefers to strike when least expected.  She has the ability to leap one mile straight up, become invisible, and create love at first sight.