About Amara

Amara has been working at the store since the Tunguska Blast of 1908, or, rather, longer than she would care to admit. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Homeopathy, Vivisection, Life Painting, Cussing, and Augury from institutions with no accreditations whatsoever. She is an active member of the Stephen’s Ward Tea League and Society of Resurrectionists. Amara crafts the raw incenses, powders, bath teas, and oils in the shop with tender care. She is valued for her patience, empathy, and wisdom; she is feared for her honesty.

2 06, 2016

How to Burn Our Self-Lighting Incense Blends

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Burning Incense Gentle Viewers: For all of you who have wondered What the hell are those powders? Is that even incense? How the Hell am I supposed to Burn It? We present this moving picture. You are welcome.    

31 03, 2016

Charlatan Chicanery, Snake Oil and Swindling

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“Do you guys have a reader in the store?” “Hey, do you do readings? Will you read my cards?” “Is there a resident healer or reiki master here?” “How much do you charge for spells?” “Ow, OW, why are you hitting meeeeee?!?!?!?” For your own good, child. For your own good. There is not now, [...]